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Full Board Review - Examples
Submission Information
Lurie Children's Hospital IRB
New Study Requirements
Certificates of Confidentiality
Recruitment Materials and Guidelines
Informed Consent
Emergency Exemption for Investigational Test Articles
General Requirements for Informed Consent
Guidance for Use of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents (GBCAs)
Research Related Injury Language
Short Form Written Consent
Standard Written Consent
Waiver of Documentation of Consent
Waiver or Alteration of the Requirements for Obtaining Informed Consent
Exception from Informed Consent for Planned Emergency Research
FDA: Informed Consent for In Vitro Diagnostic Device Studies Using Leftover Human Specimens That Are Not Individually Identifiable
Waiver of HIPAA Authorization
Additional Committee Review and Approval
Filling out the eIRB+ Application
Following Your eIRB+ Submission
Getting Started in eIRB+
Post-submission Process for New Studies
Collaboration with a Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Facility
Change in the Number of Participants
Consent Document Changes
Funding Changes
Personnel Changes
Preparing a Modification in eIRB+
Post-submission Process for Modifications
Protocol Changes
Recruitment Changes
Study Site Changes
Study Title Changes
Continuing Review / Closure
Closing a Study
Continuing Review with Modifications
Deadlines and Reminders
Expired Studies
Post Submission Process
Preparing the Continuing Review in eIRB+
Umbrella, Training & Development-Only Grants
Reportable New Information
Death of a Research Participant
Post Submission Process
Preparing the RNI in eIRB+
Reporting Requirements and Timeframes
Exempt Review
Expedited Review
Guidance Regarding Federal Requirements for IRB Review of Grants