Continuing Review / Closure

Continuing Review is a federally mandated re-evaluation of an approved study that is required to be conducted at least once per year. Continuing Review is required until the Principal Investigator has completed all research-related interactions and interventions with participants or when the collection and analysis of identifiable private information, as described in the IRB-approved research protocol, has been completed.

This review allows the IRB to monitor the progress of the study and ensures that the study continues to meet the requirements for approval.  The continuing review process begins when the Principal Investigator submits the Continuing Review information to the IRB Office through eIRB+.

Note: To ensure that there is adequate time for the IRB to process the Continuing Review, the information should be submitted no sooner than 60 days but no later than 30 days before the study’s expiration date. The expiration date is located on the main study page of the study in eIRB+. It is also either on the initial approval letter or the last continuing review approval letter.