Closing a Study

When to Close a Study in eIRB+

If all research-related interventions or interactions with participants have been completed and collection and analysis of identifiable private data (as described in the IRB-approved protocol) are finished, the study should be closed with the IRB.  

How to Close a Study in eIRB+:

To close a study in eIRB+, a Continuing Review submission should be completed by the PI.  At least the first 4 statements in the Research Milestones section should be selected and true.  Selection of the first 4 statements will close the study.

The IRB may request additional information to ensure that the study is in good standing and ready to be closed. Once the submission is approved, the study is considered Closed by the IRB and will be archived. If an investigator wishes to resume the research after the study has been closed or if the study is closed in error, a new study will have to be submitted.

Once a study has been closed, investigators may keep the data collected (including identifiable, private data) if consistent with the IRB-approved protocol. Investigators should continue to honor any confidentiality protections of the data.  Investigators should also honor any other commitments that were agreed upon as part of the approved research. For example, providing information about the study results to research participants or honoring reimbursement commitments for participation.

Investigators will not be charged an IRB fee for study closure.