Deadlines and Reminders

When to Submit

The Principal Investigator is responsible for submitting the Continuing Review information no sooner than 60 days but no later than 30 days before the study’s current expiration date to ensure adequate time for the IRB to process the Continuing Review.

The expiration date is located on the main study page of the study in eIRB+.  It is also on either the initial IRB approval letter or the last continuing review approval letter.

Reminder Notices

eIRB+ automatically generates continuing review reminder notices for each active study.  The Principal Investigator, study coordinator and individuals on the study's email list will receive these notices. 

Internal Reminders

Investigators are strongly encouraged to devise an additional system for ensuring the submission of continuing reviews.  Suggestions include setting reminder notices in electronic calendars and frequent meetings with study staff to review expiration dates.