Preparing the Continuing Review in eIRB+

Before submitting the research for continuing review

  • Determine whether any member of the study team has a financial interest related to the research.  A "yes" or "no" answer is sufficient.  There is no need to provide additional details.
  • Determine if you need to submit a modification at the same time.
  • If your first submission in eIRB+ is a continuing review, we ask that you submit a combined "Modification and Continuing Review" that includes the changes requested in the "NU eIRB+ Implementation Study Conversion Checklist for Research Personnel" document.

How do I submit my continuing review submission?

  1. Access to eIRB+ is available via this site's eIRB+ page.
  2. After logging in, choose “My Studies” and filter by PI or Study Number to find the applicable study. 
  3. Choose the applicable study from the resulting list.  
  4. The “home” page for the study will appear. In the left-hand side of the study workspace, you may click "Create Modification/CR" button. 
  5. Choose either "Continuing Review" to provide updates for an active study or when requesting to close a study.  You may also select "Modifications and Continuing Review" if you wish to make also make changes to your study at the time of continuing review. 
  6. After clicking the appropriate button, the form will open.  You must complete all questions. 
  7. When you have reached the Final Page of the application, click "Finish". Neither of these activities actually submits the continuing review form to the IRB Office.  You can always return to the application to make edits by clicking the "View Periodic Review" button. 
  8. The "Printer version" button displays the form in an uneditable single continuous document:
    Printer Friendly Version button - eIRB
  9. To submit the continuing review form to the IRB, the PI or PI proxy must click the "Submit" button on the main page of the new study.

Following Your eIRB+ Submission

The eIRB+ system uses states to classify where a submission is in the process. See Following Your eIRB+ Submission for typical study states and any required actions.