Funding Changes

  • Funding information is described in the “Sources of Funding and Other Support” section in the eIRB+ study.  Remember to revise the funding section to reflect any changes to the current funding status.
    If you are unable to find the name of your funding source from the drop down menu, please contact Michael Kelly ( or (312) 503-0126) who will assist in adding the funding source to the menu.
  • If the funding change involves the addition of a new grant, upload a copy of the entire grant into the funding section of the eIRB study next to the funding agency.
  • Research funded by the Departments of Defense, Education, Energy, Justice, National Institutes of Justice, or the Environmental Protection Agency must comply with additional regulations.  Several Federal Agencies have additional requirements for Investigators conducting human subjects research.  Reference Appendix A1-A8 of the NU Investigator Manual for guidance in compliance with these regulations. 
  • The protocol and consent form often mentions the funding source. With a change in funding, you may also need to submit a revised protocol and consent form to reflect the change in funding.