Topics Specific to SBS Research

International Research

Research conducted by Northwestern University investigators in foreign countries remains under University purview and guidelines.  While we do not impose our standards for written documentation on other cultures, we do not relax our standards for ethical conduct of research or for a meaningful consent and/or assent process.

More information regarding the conduct of international research

Classroom Based Research Projects

All activities meeting any one of the definitions of human subjects research and carried out at Northwestern University (NU) or under its auspices must be reviewed and approved by an NU IRB prior to the start of the activity. That said, the University also recognizes that some student projects conducted to fulfill course requirements involve activities that, in a different context, might meet the definition of human subjects research. It is the policy of the University to not require IRB review of classroom research projects, that are designed to teach students research methods except for the following: Doctoral dissertations; funded research; research conducted through collaborations external to NU, Master‘s theses, and honors theses. All of these must be reviewed and approved by the IRB before students may begin their research.

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