Training and Education


Northwestern University requires all individuals involved in the conduct of human subjects research to complete human subjects protection training and to recertify every 3 years. IRB approval will be withheld if these training requirements are not met.

These requirements apply to all persons with a significant role in the research, such as those designated as:

  • Principal Investigator and Co-investigators,
  • Individuals named on a study grant or contract proposal,
  • Individuals listed on an FDA form 1572 for the conduct of the research at NU or at an affiliate institution,
  • Individuals named as a contact person in the informed consent document(s) or recruitment materials for research,
  • Individuals who obtain informed consent from prospective participants in research, and
  • Individuals who obtain individually identifiable health information under an NU Business Associate Agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing training through CITI does NOT register you with eIRB+. NU/NU Affiliate staff must create an eIRB+ profile separately.   You can find instructions here: Registration Process

  • Instructions on how to be added to studies can be found here: Personnel Changes
  • Screenshots and instructions to navigate the CITI website can be found here: CITI FAQs

Verify training status

CITI Training Report (current through 03/31/2019)

This file contains only research personnel at NU who have completed training through the CITI website (initial or refresher course) within the last 3 years. Training completed elsewhere (NIH, a live Investigator 101 session, CITI training through another institution) is not listed. Email or contact the IRB office with questions. 

PLEASE NOTE: This spreadsheet is updated on a monthly basis, but individual eIRB+ profiles are updated daily.

All Training recorded in eIRB+ through 09/19/18

This file contains NU research personnel who have completed any of the training options accepted by the NU IRB within the last 3 years, as recorded in eIRB+.  Names of individuals who completed training at another institution or via the NIH online course but have not sent documentation to will not be captured by this report.

Initial Training

Any one of the following satisfies the initial training requirements and meet the National Institutes of Health (NIH) education requirements.

  • CITI Basic Course

  • Investigator 101 - Live training with IRB staff

  • NIH online training* (Please note as of September 26, 2018, this training is no longer available)

Previous Training

If training was completed at another institution, please send a .pdf copy of the training certificate to to determine if it meets NU’s training requirements.


Recertification is required every 3 years.  Please note, the CITI refresher course may fulfill this requirement 3 times.  The CITI basic course will be required on the 4th recertification. Any of the options below satisfy NU’s recertification training requirements.

  • CITI refresher

  • Investigator 201 - Live recertification training with IRB staff

  • NIH online training* (Please note as of September 26, 2018, this training is no longer available)

* Updating Training in eIRB+:   If training is completed through NIH, you must send a copy of your completion certificate to in order to update your eIRB+ profile.