In-Person Training

To satisfy the IRB Office’s requirement for human subjects training, an in-person training session can be scheduled.  We recommend such training for groups rather than individuals. 

These sessions are scheduled by request and are free of charge.  Contact to schedule a live training session.

Investigator 101 Initial Training

This 2 1/2 hour session addresses the protection of human research subjects and specifically covers:

  • Overview of NU Human Subjects Protection Program
  • History and ethical principles, including the Belmont Report
  • An overview of the federal regulations
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Principal Investigator, IRB and Institution
  • The informed consent process
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Research with vulnerable populations
  • Other topics as needed


Investigator 201 Recertification Training

This 1-hour session addressed the protection of human research subjects and specifically covers:

  • The Role of the IRB in research
  • Ethical Principles for Conducting Research
  • Good Clinical and Research Practices -- Biomedical and social behavioral
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Informed Consent - An Ongoing Process
  • Vulnerable Populations and how do we protect them
  • Records Based Research
  • Genetics Research - Privacy and Confidentiality (biomedical)
  • Other topics as needed

Added Bonus: Each attendee receives an IRB Resource Toolbox and a brief consultation specific to their research

Contact to schedule in-person training.