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New Users

New users must first register. See eIRB registration instructions.

Off-Campus Access

To register from off-campus or if you see "You are not allowed to sign in. Please contact your administrator," use the eIRB support form for assistance with remote access.

NetID and Password

eIRB uses your NU NetID and password. NetIDs are issued through your school or department. See NUIT's NetID page for more information about NetIDs, including who may be issued one.

Use the NUIT password checker to verify your password. Contact NUIT Support at (847) 491-4357 to reset your password. The IRB Office cannot reset your password.

Using eIRB


Getting Started in eIRB

Filling out the eIRB application, including sample applications

Following an eIRB submission, explains "states"

Submission Forms

The Submission Process section of this site contains the following instructions for specific forms in the eIRB application:


Use the eIRB support form for additional assistance.

Contact :
Arthur Rubloff Building, 7th Floor
750 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Phone: (312) 503-9338
Fax: (312) 503-0555
Chambers Hall, 2nd Floor
600 Foster St.
Phone: (847) 467-1723


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