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eIRB+ Access Permissions

Individuals registered in eIRB+ can be given varying levels of access per study application. The following list details the various types of roles in eIRB+, how to assign that role, and their corresponding permissions.

eIRB+ Access Permissions List
Role How to Assign this Role Permissions
Primary Contact My Current Actions > Assign Primary Contact
  • Creates study applications
  • Assigns the PI to the study
  • Receives all communications from the IRB on behalf of the study team
Submitters (PI, PI Proxy) My Current Actions > Manage Submission Rights
  • Edits study applications
  • Submits applications and clarification requests
Study Access List Members My Current Actions > Manage Study Access List
  • Edits study applications
  • Receives communications from the IRB only if "Study Team" is selected under "Who should receive a notification?"