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Panels & Rosters

The Office supports 6 IRB panels comprised of over 80 members from within the University, our affiliates, and the community.  Of the 6 IRB panels, 5 meet monthly and 1 meets weekly. 

  • IRB Panels A, B, C, & D review biomedical new studies, revisions and safety/other events.
  • IRB Panel Q reviews biomedical studies that are up for continuing review and time sensitive submissions.
  • IRB Panel E reviews social behavioral research. 

Panel Meeting Schedule

Once a submission is ready for review, it will be assigned to the next available meeting.  Meetings occur regularly and IRB agendas are set two-weeks prior to meeting date.

Printable version of 2024 panel meeting schedule.

Printable version of 2023 panel meeting schedule.

Printable version of 2022 panel meeting schedule.

Printable version of 2021 panel meeting schedule.

Panel Rosters

Each of the NU IRBs has at least five members, with varying backgrounds to provide adequate review of research activities commonly conducted at Northwestern. The members include scientists, non-scientists, and individuals who are not affiliated with the institution. The unaffiliated member represents the perspective of research subjects when reviewing submissions before the IRB. The composition of each IRB can be found in the rosters attached below.