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IRB Brown Bag

The Northwestern IRB Office hosts monthly brown bag sessions on timely and relevant research topics. Registration information for upcoming sessions is on our Events page. Below are copies of previous presentations:

Table with date, topic, and download links for previous IRB Brown Bag presentations
5.15.24 Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence in Human Research PDF Slides
3.20.24 Using the IRB Website as a Research Tool PDF Slides
2.21.24 Conducting Global Research: Promoting Travel Health and Safety PDF Slides
1.17.24 Tips for Creating a Consent Document PDF Slides
11.15.23 Nothing About Us, Without Us: The Basics of Community-Driven Research PDF Slides
9.20.23 A Lesson on (NEW) Streamlined IRB Training Requirements & Records Management PDF Slides
7.19.23 To Cede or Not to Cede? Navigating External IRB Review as a Northwestern Human Researcher PDF Slides
6.14.23 Keeping Up with Compliance: A Peek into Post-Approval Monitoring Assessments PDF Slides
5.16.23 Where Human Research Meets Integrity: What You Need to Know PDF Slides
3.15.23 System to System: Connections between Northwestern’s eRA Systems and the Transition to CERES PDF Slides
2.15.23 Human Research through an International Lens: A Lesson on Security & Compliance PDF Slides
11.16.22 What Is, Is Not, and Might Be Human Research PDF Slides
9.21.22 Fostering Accessibility and Inclusivity in Research PDF Slides
8.31.22 Is Monkeypox the New COVID? PDF Slides
07.20.22 Crafting Consent PDF Slides
06.15.22 Ask the IRB!
5.18.22 To Report or Not to Report? Using the New Incident Assessment Tool. PDF Slides
4.20.22 Reliance Considerations: When is Reliance Required? When is Reliance Not Feasible? PDF Slides
02.16.22 What to Do When Something Does Not Go as Planned: Incident Assessment, Root Cause Analysis, & Corrective and Preventive Action Plans PDF Slides
01.19.22 COVID-19 Update: Where are we now? PDF Slides
11.17.21 Social Behavioral vs. Biomedical Research: What's the Difference? PDF Slides
10.20.21 REDCap: Everything You Need to Know! PDF Slides
09.15.21 State of the IRB
03.24.21 What to Expect When Your Inspected by the FDA PDF Slides
01.13.21 COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Participant Discussion PDF Slides
11.18.20 Cannabis Research & IRB Review PDF Slides
10.21.20 COVID-19 Updates for the Research Community PDF Slides
MP4 Recording
09.23.20 Considerations for Research that Involves Use of Mental Health and/or Developmental Disabilities Information PDF Slides
08.20.20 Principal Investigator (PI) Transitions: Setting Up Studies for Success PDF Slides
06.24.20 Progressing Research During a Global Pandemic PDF Slides
05.20.20 HIPAA Research Policy and Recruitment Guidelines PDF Slides
04.15.20 COVID-19 (Impact on Healthcare and Clinical Research) PDF Slides
02.19.20 Continuing Review (Myth, Fiction, Reporting Requirements) PDF Slides
01.15.20 Common Rule Implementation (Cooperative Research)
12.18.19 IRB Open House
11.20.19 Continuing Review (Myth, Fiction, Reporting Requirements)
10.16.19 How to Maintain Research Compliance During the Life of a Study PDF Slides
08.21.19 AAHRPP Reaccreditation (What Does It Mean To Northwestern University)
07.17.19 Informed Consent (All the Things You Need to Know!) PDF Slides
06.19.19 Reportable New Information Submissions and Corrective Action Plans PDF Slides
05.15.19 State of the IRB
04.18.19 Ask the IRB!
04.17.19 Ask the IRB!
03.21.19 Single IRB (A Year In Review) - Evanston Campus PDF Slides
03.20.19 Single IRB (A Year In Review) - Chicago Campus PDF Slides
02.20.19 Special Populations in Human Research (LGBTQ Community) PDF Slides
01.16.19 IRB Office Updates PDF Slides
12.19.18 Annual IRB Open House
10.17.18 NM Research Pharmacy: Overview of Investigational Drug Service and Practice Update PDF Slides
09.07.18 OHRP Exploratory Workshop: Meeting New Challenges in Informed Consent in Clinical Research
09.07.18 OHRP Exploratory Workshop: Meeting New Challenges in Informed Consent in Clinical Research
08.15.18 Tips and Tricks: Continuing Review Submissions
07.18.18 SmartIRB PDF Slides
06.20.18 GDPR Compliance
05.18.18 State of the IRB
04.18.18 Media Relations and IRB Approvals
03.22.18 Ask The IRB! (Evanston Campus)
03.21.18 Ask the IRB! (Chicago Campus)
02.21.18 Single IRB PDF Slides