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Just-in-Time Process

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) utilizes the “just-in-time” (JIT) process for certain programs and award mechanisms. JIT refers to the application timeframe in which applicants are required to submit updated time-sensitive information to the NIH only if an award is likely.  The JIT notice usually includes a request for content that was not included in the initial application, such as current other support information for all key personnel; certification of IRB approval of the project’s proposed use of human subjects; evidence of compliance with the education in the protection of human research participants; information related to Human Embryonic Stem cells (hESCs), and other program-specific requirements.  

NIH issues auto-generated JIT request emails to all applicants who have an overall impact score below 30.  It is important to note that this notification is not a Notice of Award nor should it be construed to be an indicator of possible funding. Applicants should only submit JIT information when requested by a second email sent to the PI and OSR by an NIH Grants Management Specialist.

If your grant application receives a just-in-time notice, you still need to submit a completed IRB protocol and related documents for review to the IRB. As soon as you receive the first auto-generated JIT email request and determine that your score is likely to be competitive for an award, you should begin the initial new protocol submission or modification process with the IRB if you have not already done so.  If your IRB submission’s approval is pending as the JIT submission date approaches, the pending status does not jeopardize your funding opportunity and there is no cause for alarm. The IRB review process will take time to complete; therefore, if your IRB submission is still under review when OSR has been asked to provide JIT to NIH, inform your OSR Grant Officer, who will then inform the funding agency. For additional guidance from the Office for Sponsored Research on JIT submissions see: Just-In-Time: Sponsored Research - Northwestern University.