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Welcome to the Northwestern University IRB Office

Our mission is to protect the rights and welfare of human research participants. We are governed by  45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 46 (45 CFR 46), Protection of Human Subjects that dictate the scope and purpose of Institutional Review Board (IRB) activities, and follow ethical principles for the conduct of human research.

The protection of research participants at Northwestern University is a shared responsibility, with the institution, researchers, IRB committees, and the IRB Office working together toward this common goal.

The IRB Office is primarily responsible for developing and directing the University’s Human Participant Protection Program (HRPP), which also involves other offices at Northwestern University. The HRPP's mission is to be a model program of excellence in protecting the rights and welfare of human participants involved in research.

Entities that comprise of Northwestern University HRPP

Entities Who Comprise Northwestern University's HRPP Include:

Entities Who Comprise Northwestern University's HRPP Include
  • IRB Members
  • IRB Office Staff
  • Researchers
  • Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
  • Shirley Ryan Ability Lab
  • Lurie Children’s Hospital
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Deans & Department Heads
  • Provosts Office
  • Office for Research Departments
  • Northwestern University - Qatar
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Sponsors & Funding Agencies
  • Research Participants
  • Regulators & Accrediting Bodies