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Monthly Website Update: November 2021

Dear Northwestern Research Community,

As a part of the Northwestern University IRB Office’s DEI efforts to make research more accessible to underrepresented populations, template language in our protocols have been updated to guide study teams in recruitment strategies for inclusive research practices. These updates were made to the Biomedical Protocol template, Social Behavioral Protocol template, and Local Protocol Addendum template. 

The Investigator Manual and various other documents were also updated in alignment with the Huron HRPP Toolkit update:

  • Suspension or Termination Issued Outside of Convened IRB SOP HRP-026
  • Post-Review SOP HRP-052
  • NIH GDS Institutional Certification SOP HRP-064
  • IRB Member Addition (Appointment or Re-Appointment) SOP HRP-082
  • Investigator Manual GENERAL HRP-103
  • Communication of Review Results WORKSHEET HRP-303
  • Drugs and Biologics WORKSHEET HRP-306
  • Short Form of Consent Documentation WORKSHEET HRP-317
  • Certificate of Confidentiality WORKSHEET HRP-333
  • Non-Viable Neonates CHECKLIST HRP-413
  • Neonates of Uncertain Viability CHECKLIST HRP-414
  • Prisoners CHECKLIST HRP-415
  • IRB Member Appointment CHECKLIST HRP-1403
  • Local Protocol Addendum PROTOCOL HRP-508
  • Social Behavioral Protocol PROTOCOL HRP - 583
  • Biomedical Protocol PROTOCOL HRP-593

The website should be your first source for all documents. It is recommended to refrain from saving frequently used documents and to always access them from the website.

Thank you,

Northwestern IRB Office